Social Media Marketing





Many people ask: what is Social Media Marketing? Plainly put, Social Media Marketing is a means of gaining attention and generating website traffic through social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Most business are quite different but all have one underlaying goal: to find more customers that will generate more sales. Social Media Marketing can assist in finding NEW customers EASILY. It is not only useful for finding more customers, but it is also a great tool for interacting with them and keeping them coming back for more!

Social Media Marketing allows businesses different avenues to connect and build relationships with potential and current customers in a more personalized manner than EVER BEFORE! When you gain customers and turn them into a fan of your business, you will create raving fans of your brand, product, and service.  They will have the ability to share it with their friends on an easy and fun platform.

Forms of more “traditional” marketing like radio, TV, press and billboards can serve their purposes. Strategic Social Media Marketing, however, delivers your desired return on investment (ROI) for a fraction of the traditional cost. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of both your business and business goals, the Lion Pride Media team combine a strategic use of many Social Media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ to connect you with an eager and passionate customer base.

With Lion Pride Media’s methods you can then choose how ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’ you wish to be with your Social Media Marketing.  Access our customized Social Media Training sessions or talk with the Lion Pride Social Team about our tiered Social Media Management options to find the best fit for your business!