Our focus

Receive Roaring Results
Profit with Social Media

With Social Media Marketing you and your business will gain new customers and fans who will continue to come back for more.

Strategic Social Media

Every business is different and we will get to know yours inside and out, then we will create a Social Media Strategy for your needs.

Facebook Marketing

Grow your email list and fan base simultaneously with Facebook Applications

Professional Design

Our team of designers will create a professional, socially engaging and unique feel and look for your brand so you will pop out.

Technical Set Up

Our team will make all of the nitty gritty easy for you by setting up everything for you.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management options available to suit you and your teams needs.

Social Media Training

Our team will teach your team how to manage your social media accounts with our Social Media Training and Consulting

Website Development and Design

Our team will create and design websites that will meet your brand and companies needs.

Business Development, Strategy and Product Purchasing

Our team specializes in business development, business strategy and product purchasing for numerous businesses worldwide.

Our Team

Meet Our Pride
Anna Schwinger
Anna is the Founder of Lion Pride Media. She has an entrepreneur spirit to the fullest. Anna has worked with an array of companies managing content, developing result driven content, building fan bases from 500 to 100,000+, implementing marketing strategies, conducting market analysis, outlining webpages for optimal results, managing teams and handling client relations. Anna knows the secrets of engagement and the impact of success in the social realm. Anna takes great pride in ensuring that each client is capitalizing as much as possible.
Spafford Ackerly
Web Design/ Internet Marketing
Spafford is a well seasoned website developer. He knows the in’s and out’s of websites. He develops out a well laid out site, manages the back end, installs all of the plug in’s and hosts the sites on a server.
Nick Schwinger
Business Strategy and Buyer
Nick is the known as the buyer at Lion Pride Media. He focuses on international purchasing negotiations. However, he wears many hats from developing businesses, business strategy and buying. He has a keen sense for what people need for their business and the most cost effective manner to go about acquiring what is necessary.


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